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Rest assured that any TBG product that you buy comes with warranty. While we try our best to rule out any possibility of a manufacturing defect in our products, should you find one please follow the steps mentioned here to seek help. This warranty is against manufacturing defects only. We also reserve the right to repair or replace the product as deemed appropriate. Do bear in mind that each case of warranty claim will be individually examined and we will do all we can to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

There will be no refunds for non-availability or in lieu of a replacement. Replacement of a product will not stretch the original warranty period.

Pre-requisites to claiming warranty:

All claims must have invoice details from retail outlet or online purchase proof from TBG website. You may contact your retailer or us (if purchased from this website) for help with the invoice. 


How to:

  1. Message us on WhatsApp using the icon at the bottom right for warranty on Manufacturing Defects. Ensure that clear pictures are attached to validate the defect. Provide as many details as possible to help us determine the nature of the issue. More the better. We will contact you shortly after the submission of the claim.
  2. Upon approval, the defective product can be shipped to us in a clean and hygienic condition. Products that are sent unclean will have to be cleaned at the expense to the customer. This will also delay the warranty return. So kindly ensure that the product is cleaned thoroughly before shipping.
  3. Once the product is received it will be examined to determine the nature of the issue. 
  4. If the issue is determined to be a manufacturing defect, we will strive to immediately repair or replace the product of the same size and color. In the absence of a direct replacement, the customer may choose from other options of color or choose to wait for the product to be restocked.
  5. The replacement product will be shipped to the customer at no additional cost.