Preorders for TBG Knight Mesh Jacket - Batch 2 is a Go!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Guess what!?? Preorder for TBG Knight - Batch 2 just went live.
This is your best chance to get the Knight mesh jacket at the same price of Rs. 8950. We are once again thankful to our patrons for making the preorder for Batch 1 a success and appreciate your patience.

Did we tell you about the new adjuster for the elbow armour to ensure better fitting and protection?
We make sure your feedback is heard and acted upon. Yes, you help us improve our products and they evolve with your needs.

Come get some!!
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TBG Knight jacket Elbow adjuster
New Adjuster for the elbow armor


And customer feedback has started pouring in!

Here is what Mr. Vishal has to say about the new updated jacket!
I have received the product yesterday. The fitting is awesome. Thank you for providing such wonderful product. Will buy more from TBG.